Thursday, July 3, 2008

Moving Hearts

We've been receiving favorable support from friends and strangers, expressing interest and and some even made several pledges.
We're planning to go back either later part of July or 2nd week of August so we can take advantage of the enthusiasm of the kids in going to school. An informal study says that kids drop out is observed at the second quarter of the school year between September - November (in time for cropping season for most areas in the country).

Some suggested materials you may wish to contribute:

1. Black Pencils
2. Ballpens
3. Sharpener
4. Notebooks
5. Crayons
6. Erasers
7. Pad Paper

While we are nailing down our itinerary and final schedule, please keep your thoughts coming on how we can work together in this cause.

Again, thank you for sharing with us your ideas, valuable resources and your time.

The Black Pencil Project

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ihid said...

Noteworthy is the 2Q dropping out time. I've given out school materials in a small community in two years, around August, and have been late this time. I have to hurry this time. Inspired & praying.