Friday, July 4, 2008

Why Black Pencils?

There is a logic behind the black pencils, usually this is the type of pencil prescribed to kinder up to grade 3 because of its size and grip for most public schools around the country. So logically, we're targeting only those who are entering Grades 1 to 3.


These ages are the segment where they're most excited to go to school and yet very vulnerable.

In the remote places, only Primary School is offered (Grades 1-3), so kids entering Intermediate (Grade 4- 6) will have to walk to the nearest barangay in their area to be able to attend classes.

In some areas, because of poverty, kids instead of going to school, opt to help their parents doing farm errands in particularly during cropping season which happens in the middle of school year.

Having this scenario, its hard to address everything and we (as an individuals) can only give so much. I am sure some organizations are already doing that (giving books, bags, slippers) and we want to focus to areas where we think we are most effective.


Dominique said...

Referenced your project in my blog:

Aethen said...

We have done this program also in Pathways to Higher Education during after the LET Exam we have collected pencil (as donation) for grade school students in remote area in Mindanao.

Continue this project. Big things start with small aims.

I'll be promoting this project in my blog, too.

RTS said...

Learned about your project from Dom's blog. You'll find links to your blog on my blog on web site.

RTS said...

should read blog and web site.

Black Pencil Project said...

Thanks Dom, Aethen and rts.