Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Pencil Project - Ifugao Leg: Successful

The BPP Team have just arrived from the Ifugao Trip and we're happy to conclude that the activity was indeed a success. There were 20 participants (16 Photographers,4 Guest Volunteers). We are happy to know everyone enjoyed the trip, found it worthwhile, fun and one-of-a-kind experience.

Day 1.

We arrived in Banaue an hour late from our projected itinerary. Immediately, we turned-over boxes of pencils (1000 pcs. + 1 heavy duty sharpener) for Pola, Patapat, Cambulo and Nagor communities as well as gift packs for Banaue Day Care Center through Banaue Tourism Council Office. We then proceeded to Mayoyao town afterwards, met two road blocks along the way. We arrived at about pass 8pm.

Day 2.

We scoured villages and houses of Mayoyao Proper to meet the kids/ locals and handed out pencils. We were not disappointed. They, in turn, gleefully strike a pose with our cameras sharing their stories and dreams to the group. In the evening, the town mayor Romeo Chulana went his way to meet us and we turned-over the boxes of pencils and school items. We decided it would be best that we involve the local government units in the distribution to be able to reach the farthest communities. The mayor was very happy to receive us and was very surprised to know that the items we brought were from individual contributions and pledges. He said the items we brought will be valuable for their Day Care Programs. The BPP Team conferred with the Mayor Chulana on how we can work together in the near future.

Here's the inventory of items brought to Ifugao.

Items Units

Jumbo Pencils 2000
Crayons 382
Table Top Sharpeners 2
Sharpeners 362
Erasers 384
Writing Pad 40
Back Pack 2

With 20 people joining us as well as nameless donors and volunteers, BPP is no longer a three-man team. Thank you for taking part and believing in this initiative.

We still collect pencils after this for future trips. Towards end of the month, partner Mountaineering groups had requested pencils for distribution in Kalinga and Tarlac province.


ayB said...

congrats! :clap.clap.clap: =)

annfran said...

Congrats to the team, I'm very proud to have joined you guys during the weekend. I am praying for more successful trips in the near future. :)

Debbie said...

Well done... Looking forward to working with you guys here in Davao... :D

Black Pencil Project said...

Hi Debbie, I'll get in touch with you. Let's plan!